Hi, My name is Elle. I started Colorado Shih Tzu at 10 years of age with the love for the breed and a dream to own a Shih Tzu. I had difficulty finding a healthy Shih Tzu puppy in Colorado from a reputable breeder when I was 10 years old so my search turned to neighboring states. I found my perfect female AKC Shih Tzu puppy in Iowa and a male followed shortly from Indiana. I wanted to start a breeding business in Colorado where families did not have to go out of state to find a Shih Tzu puppy. The Colorado Shih Tzu website was created and I maintain it with pictures of our adult Shih Tzu that I call Princes and Princesses as well as new litters for adoption. I researched everything about the breed: the history, the grooming requirements, and health requirements to raise  healthy AKC Shih Tzu puppies on our 40 acre farm in Strasburg, CO. I have taken what I have learned from helping goats have kids to helping the Shih Tzu whelp. I have assisted in the successful whelping of 16 healthy litters. Our philosophy is to raise our dogs as naturally as possible, feeding them the highest quality food and allowing them to socialize with other animals and most importantly, lots of human interaction.

Celebrating 8 Years!

Looking Back on Colorado Shih Tzu  in Pictures

2013 Coco 1.JPG
2014 Gabbie 1.JPG
2014 Goat 1.JPG
2013 Coco 3.JPG
2014 coco 8.JPG
2014 Goat 2.JPG
2014 Goats 5.JPG
2015 Coco 6.jpg
2016 4028.JPG
2016 Lavendar 5.JPG
2016 Lavendar 6.JPG
20150711 2.jpg
20180908 Puppy Pics 066.JPG
2013 Coco 5.JPG
2014 Gabbie 2.JPG
2014 Goat 4.JPG
2014 Lavendar 8.JPG
2015 Coco 8.jpg
2016 Lavendar 4.JPG
Shih Tzu Pics 031.jpg
Lavendar IMG_2409.JPG
2015 Misc.jpg
20150711 1.jpg
Shih Tzu Pics 043.jpg
20150428 Coco Pups, Butcher 028.jpg
20161029 Puppy Pics 090.JPG
20150428 Coco Pups, Butcher 317.jpg
20150428 Coco Pups, Butcher 476.jpg
20150428 Coco Pups, Butcher 478.jpg
20180908 Puppy Pics 437.JPG
20161029 Puppy Pics 079.JPG
20180908 Puppy Pics 453.JPG
20161029 Puppy Pics 110.JPG
20180908 Puppy Pics 456.JPG
20150428 Coco Pups, Butcher 317.jpg
20180908 Puppy Pics 454.JPG
20180908 Puppy Pics 521.JPG

Let Colorado Shih Tzu  help you build your memories!