Lavendar (Champion grandsired)
This is Lavendar. She was born on 4/19/2014. She comes from a long line of champion pedigree. Lavendar's grandfather is Champion Wells Annakin Skywalker and great grandfather was Champion Tinalin Sir Sidney of Wells and grandmother was Champion Tao Regency Lady's Portrait. Lavendar is 12 lbs and she has a beautiful red and white coat of hair. Lavendar is the sweetest dog in the world. She is a fantastic lap dog that just wants to be in your company. Lavendar is retired.

This is Roxy. Roxy was born on 7/30/2016. Roxy has a beautiful and soft red coat of hair. She loves to be around people. She is super content with being held or going for walks. Roxy is retired.

Jo New.JPG

This is Josephine "Jo". Jo was born on 2/12/2019. Jo loves the outdoors and is very athletic dog. She has a sweet temperament and loves attention. 

20201014 New Pups 386.JPG

Dasha (Champion sired)  SOLD
This is Dasha. Dasha was born on 11/28/2019. Dasha comes from the Ukraine and is the daughter of the World Champion Thomas Bright Odessa Joy and her mother is a Junior Champion. Dasha is the sweetest Shih Tzu ever and loves to be held and relaxing with you on your lap. 

20201014 New Pups 399.JPG

Anya (Champion bloodline) SOLD
This is Anya.  Anya was born on 5/11/2020. Anya comes from the Ukraine and has a long line of Champions in her bloodline. Anya is a very loving Shih Tzu that loves to be in your company.